10 Best/Worst SXSW Moments

We had a great time at SXSW this year! We’re exhausted, but on the road and ready to rock Mojo’s in Columbia, MO. We put together this list of our best/worst moments of last week’s festival.

Top 10 Best SXSW 2013 Moments

10. Back-lined drums all week long.
9. Seeing so many familiar faces at the BuzzBands LA show, and the O.C. love at our two Sweet Relief shows.
8. The amazing sound guy at the Sony/Six Lounge show.
7. Exploring the famous Arlyn Studios.
6. A certain someone’s incognito vaporizer pen with magic ink.
5. Countless open bars/free food and free shwag.
4. Getting our song featured at the “AAA/Non-Comm Radio Music Panel” with great feedback.
3. The “fresh fried” crispy bacon doughnuts at Willie Nelson’s Ranch.
2. Finally meeting all the great folks in the Thirty Tigers family (our management and distribution company).
1. Amazing fans:

"I told all my friends we HAVE to see this band. We paid $25 for parking, ran to your show and only caught the last song. But it was worth it!"

“I was in line waiting for some crappy band my girlfriend wanted to see, and I heard you guys playing on the Cheers rooftop. I looked you up and told her, we’re going to see them tomorrow!”

“I saw you at Opal Divine’s and you were my favorite band of the festival, so I had to come to your last show so I could end my SXSW with you.”

“I had a list of over 1,000 SXSW bands I found on Spotify that I wanted to see this year. You guys were in the top 2.”

“Good thing I was wearing sunglasses during your show. I shed a tear during that last song.”

“I’ve been running sound for bands all week long. You are the only one I’ve seen that made the crowd shut up and pay attention.”

Top 10 Worst SXSW 2013 Moments

10. Watching the ridiculously long sound check, feedback, and sound problems that plagued the Rhye set at Buffalo Billiards. (Every performer’s nightmare)
9. An overwhelming B.O. smell that permeated Cheer Up Charlie’s during load-in.
8. Passing up countless open bars in order to preserve our voices for our nine-shows-in-five-days run.
7. Not enough time to see half the bands we wanted to see.
6. Disgruntled roadie at Six Lounge who cussed us out and kicked our amps, because he didn’t want to carry them upstairs.
5. Crazy mob mentality that overcame the crowd at Willie Nelson’s ranch as we waited over an hour for the lone bus back to Austin.
4. No hot water in our hotel room shower.
3. Getting our tambourine stolen on the last night.
2. Getting kicked out of our house a day earlier than expected.
1. Almost missing our first show trying to park in the clusterfuck of downtown Austin.
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